Quality control

Adornus has a very strict set of standards to control quality, because products are the core of the enterprise.The low quality of products is a devastating harm to the brand, so each process undergoes repeated checks.Strive for product size error less than 0.1 cm, product defect rate less than 0.1%.In addition, Adornus specially established the product quality control department of 50 people.Professional product quality inspectors escort each product and strive to get perfect quality assurance for each product.

Quality inspection process

1:Quality Inspection of Door Band Core Board

2:Quality Inspection of White Slab of Door Plate

3:Quality Inspection of Door Plate Grinding

4:Patrol inspection of paint line

5:Quality Inspection of Finished Door Plate

6:UV Rolling Coating Patrol Inspection of Cabinet Body

7:Cabinet Physical Examination

8:Completed Product Inspection